When you buy a new home, you often visit your neighbours to get to know each other, right? Ever wondered how your builder constructed the same flats for everyone and yet, when they become homes, why they seem so different? It’s all about the character.

We hear this word quite often around us in various contexts. When it comes to your living space, a character infuses your homes with your preferences and personality. It sets your home apart from the others and adds a unique touch. This way, even though the same builder constructs all homes in a residential complex, each one stands out in its own way. A character gives life to spaces and transforms it into conversation starters.

Do You Wish Your Home Had a Character?

Sure, we’d all love to stay in a historic home that’s brimming with character. Though this may not be a reasonable dream, there are simple things you can do to live in your dream home. To begin with, look for an interior design firm that goes beyond decorating your home. Work with designers who don’t just add character to your spaces, but ensure that it reflects who you are. Making your home personal is the best way to call it your very own abode. When working with your designer, tell your story as openly, creatively and elaborately as you can to get an excellent result. Your travel adventures, your likes and dislikes and your family’s perceptions can impact your home’s décor positively.

6 Ways to Add Character to Your Home:

1. Lighten Up Your Life

You can add comfort, convenience and character to your living spaces with the right lighting. Consider adding a chandelier over your dining table. Add some lights in your kitchen cabinet

2. Host A Grand Welcome
We all tend to clutter the area around our front door. Add value to your foyer by clearing out the clutter and add a storage unit to accommodate your keys, mail and other essentials. If you have extra space, consider creating a small seating for fun conversations by the door!

3. Dress up Your Windows
Use colourful curtains to add a touch of elegance and charm to your windows. If your rooms aren’t heighted enough, consider placing the curtains higher than the windows to make it seem taller.

4. Utilize every Nook and Corner
We often tend to neglect the awkward areas like basic bay or boxy windows around our homes. Make a small reading nook for ‘me time’ or transform your empty corners into a game section or a classic storage unit.

5. Display your Creative Ideas
Whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, we all have something to showcase that we’re proud of. Use a blank wall to build an open shelf where you can display your collectibles. Open and airy shelves also make your rooms look larger.

6. Add a Glow to Your Gardens

Add some warmth and colour to your front yard with outdoor lights and lanterns. They are inexpensive, easy to install and ensure maximum impact. You can also use candlelit lanterns to create a subtle and romantic atmosphere along your garden path.

By adding some surprise elements, smart ideas, and interesting twists, you can unleash your creativity and make your space memorable for your family and your guests!

Happy Decorating!